Walking Season and Increased Pedestrian Accidents

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Getting out and enjoying everything the great State of Texas has to offer is a real pleasure in the summer month, and we all enjoy taking to our feet more often. The fact is, however, that pedestrian accidents happen, and they are some of the most dangerous accidents out there. When you are on foot, there is absolutely nothing to lessen the immense impact of a pedestrian accident.

Distracted Drivers

One of the most serious dangers that pedestrians face is distracted drivers. Driving is a complicated task that requires every motorist's utmost attention, and distracted drivers are woefully inadequate in this department. While there are ample distractions to go around out there, one of the most common and arguably the most dangerous is texting. It is posited that it takes an average of five seconds to read or send a text, and that is five seconds when the texting driver is not paying attention to pedestrians in his or her midst. Further, texting involves the driver’s hands, thoughts, and vision, which is all bad news for pedestrians. (How Much of a Distracted Driver Are You, Really?)

Other Forms of Driver Negligence

Unfortunately, dangerous forms of driver negligence do not stop with distraction. Consider the following:

  • Impaired drivers experience physical, sensory, and mental deficits, which make them incredibly dangerous drivers, and they put pedestrians at extreme risk.
  • Drowsy drivers can experience impairments that are very similar to those of drunk drivers, and they make our roadways more dangerous for everyone, including pedestrians.
  • Motorists who drive at speeds that exceed the posted speed limit or that are unsafe given the conditions on the ground have less time and less space on the road to react safely to dangerous situations, which means they seriously endanger pedestrians.

Driver Negligence Often Equals Dangerous Car Accident

Staying Safe out There

When you are hoofing it, it is important to always make doing so safely your top priority, and the following can help:

  • Always cross at a crosswalk – or on a pedestrian overpass – when they are available to you
  • Cross the street in a group whenever possible
  • Follow the posted pedestrian signs, lights, and warnings
  • Always walk with purpose, which means ditching the headphones and paying attention to the traffic all around you
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that allow you to move as nimbly as possible
  • Plan your route ahead of time, and keep the number of street crossings to a minimum
  • Avoid walking at night whenever possible
  • Avoid walking in areas that are undergoing construction and/or that contain other obstacles to your safe passage

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