What are the Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

Every state has its own means of granting divorces and grounds for filing for divorce. Texas is no different.

There are several grounds for a recognized divorce in the state of Texas. One is insupportability: this refers to a “discord or conflict of personalities” so pronounced that there is no reasonable hope for the parties to be reconciled.

A second ground concerns spouses who no longer live together. Those who have been married but living separately for at least three years are able to file for a Texas divorce.

Third, a divorce can be granted if one spouse has been confined to a mental institution for at least three years without a reasonable chance of fully being rehabilitated.

A fourth ground is if one spouse has treated the other “cruelly” and thus has made the marriage insupportable. Divorces can also be granted in cases of abonnement where one spouse leaves the other for at least three years.

Other reason for granting a divorce are being convicted of a felony and committing adultery.

No matter what grounds you are alleging, you need to be able to prove them to obtain a divorce.

When you are considering a divorce, call on the Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard to stand by you with needed counsel.

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