Your Personal Injury Case in 6 Stages

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If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you likely have a personal injury claim – and you probably have no idea how to proceed. Although every personal injury claim follows its own unique course (and although some settle before all six stages are completed), there are generally six sequential stages through which personal injury cases move. Better understanding these stages can help you feel more comfortable with and be better prepared for what is to come. If another person’s negligence has left you injured, consult with an experienced Central Texas personal injury attorney today.

Stage 1: Obtaining Experienced Legal Counsel

Hiring a knowledgeable Central Texas personal injury attorney is your all-important first step in dealing with a personal injury claim. Your experienced lawyer will deal with the insurance companies involved on your behalf and will tend to the requirements of the legal process. It is important to recognize that there is a two-year statute of limitation on personal injury claims in Texas, and timing can be critical.

Stage 2: Gathering the Evidence

Building your strongest case involves gathering all the pertinent evidence at the accident scene, compiling and evaluating the relevant medical files and police records, and documenting the full extent of the damages you have incurred.

Step 3: Pursuing a Settlement

Most personal injury claims settle before they make it to trial. After the extent of your injuries, your prognosis, your complete damages, and the evidence related to fault in your case have been compiled, your lawyer will try and negotiate a settlement with the at fault party’s insurance company.

Step 4: Proceeding to Trial

If you are unable to reach an agreement during the settlement phase, your attorney will prepare your case for trial. In a personal injury case, arguments and motions are brought prior to the jury trial. At this point, you still have the option of settling.

Step 5: Bringing Your Case before the Court

Your case will proceed to trial, and either the judge or a jury will reach a verdict regarding its outcome. After a verdict has been reached, the defense may choose to appeal the decision.

Step 6: Collecting Your Payment

How you will be paid will be determined by the court. It may be in the form of a lump sum, and it may be in the form of a series of payments. To ensure that full payment is enforced, the payments will be processed through the court.

If You Have Been Harmed by Someone Else’s Negligence, Consult with a Skilled Central Texas Personal Injury Lawyer today

Every personal injury claim is unique, but they all move through the same basic stages, and each of these stages is important. Attorney Brett H. Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Central Texas is committed to aggressively advocating for the compensation to which you are entitled. Attorney Pritchard has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you, so please contact or call our office at (254) 220-4225 today.

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