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If you are divorcing, you likely know firsthand that it can be extremely difficult to work amicably with your soon-to-be ex. Learning how to cooperate post-divorce regarding the time that each of you spends with your children can be especially difficult, and some parents are not above trampling on the other's rights. While the court cannot make divorced parents get along, it does expect them to adhere to their custody agreements scrupulously. The law generally focuses its efforts on direct interference with parenting time, but indirect interference can be just as disruptive, and the courts consider it a punishable offense, which can lead to restrictions and reduced parental privileges.

Indirect Interference

While direct interference refers to one parent preventing the other from physically spending time with their shared children (per the custody order), indirect interference is more nuanced. Indirect interference refers to actions that negatively influence the children’s desire to spend time with the other parent and/or that interfere with open communication between the children and the other parent. Examples include:

  • If your ex prevents you from speaking to your children on the phone
  • If your ex hampers your ability to connect with your children online and/or through mobile devices
  • If your ex keeps your gifts and/or letters from your children
  • If your ex bad mouths you to your children
  • If your ex coerces your children to spy on you when they are with you

If your ex is engaging in consistent indirect interference, carefully documenting all violations can help you make your point with the court.

If You Suspect Indirect Interference

Indirect interference in your custody arrangements can have seriously negative effects on your ongoing relationship with your children. If you suspect your ex of engaging in indirect interference, the time to act is now. The longer you wait to address the issue, the more damaging it is likely to be for you and your children and the more difficult it may be to correct. By documenting every instance or example of your concerns, you and your experienced family law attorney will be able to address the issue head-on with the court.

Your Case

Every case of indirect interference is different, and the court will deal with your case according to the situation at hand. It is important to recognize, however, that indirect intervention in child custody arrangements is a serious matter that the courts take seriously.

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