Avoid these 4 Mistakes in Your Texas Divorce

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Your divorce will be unique to the people and circumstances involved. While this is true of every divorce, there are four universal divorce mistakes that apply across the board. If you are facing a divorce, seek the legal counsel of an experienced Round Rock divorce lawyer.

One: Do Not Ignore the Issue

If your spouse has already filed for divorce or you have come to the difficult decision that filing is the right thing to do, the worst thing you can do is sit back and ignore the issue. Once your spouse files, the clock is ticking, and you have work to do. Further, even if neither of you has filed yet, the work you do now – in relation to gathering financial documentation and information – sets the groundwork for your entire divorce, and ignoring the issue is not going to do you any favors moving forward. One of the most positive steps you can take in the divorce process is hiring a dedicated divorce lawyer, and now is the time to address this head-on.

Two: Do Not Hide Information from Your Divorce Lawyer

Once you find the right divorce lawyer for you, it is imperative that you commit to sharing all the necessary information – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your divorce lawyer is not interested in judging you but is, instead, interested in protecting your rights and skillfully advocating for a resolution that works for you.

Three: Do Not Hide Assets

The division of your marital property is an important component of divorce. In Texas, the property that you and your spouse acquired during the course of your marriage is considered marital property that should be divided fairly in the event of divorce. Toward this end, it is critical that you do not attempt to hide (or otherwise bypass) any marital assets. Your divorce lawyer is on your side and will skillfully endeavor to help protect your financial rights throughout the legal process. Attempting to cheat the system can lead to serious financial consequences. Your attorney will also be on the lookout for any signs that your divorcing spouse may be engaging in nefarious financial practices.

Four: Do Not Document Your Divorce on Social Media

Your divorce – much like your marriage – is a private affair, and although the court documents will be a matter of public record, this does not mean you should air your dirty laundry on social media platforms. Any of the following can reflect poorly upon you in the eyes of the court (regardless of the intention behind the post or photo):

  • Pictures of you and your new paramour

  • Unkind – or worse – comments about your soon-to-be ex and/or his or her children or family

  • Texts (or photos) that depict you engaging in a lavish lifestyle

Ultimately, you do yourself a favor by keeping your divorce as civil as possible.

You Need an Experienced Round Rock Divorce Lawyer on Your Side

Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Round Rock, Texas, is a trusted divorce lawyer who has reserves of experience helping clients like you obtain divorce terms that uphold their parental and financial rights. To learn more, please do not wait to contact us online or call us at 254-501-4040 today.
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