Texas Divorce: 3 Facts that May Surprise You

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If you are facing a Texas divorce, you recognize that the process is full of surprises. For example, who knew that your spouse could become this vindictive – or that it was possible to get into a heated argument over a figurine that you really have no interest in keeping. Divorce is the dissolution of a legal contract, but it is also the end of your story as a married couple, which makes it nearly impossible to ignore the tsunami of emotions involved. It can help to have a handle on the following three somewhat surprising divorce facts, and working closely with an experienced Harker Heights divorce attorney is always well advised.

One: You Are Not Legally Separated

Many divorcing couples think they can bypass a lot of the hullabaloo by legally separating and dealing with the divorce specifics after the fact. The State of Texas, however, does not address the issue of legal separation. This means that none of the terms you hammered out for your legal separation will hold if you do move forward toward divorce and your divorcing spouse is not willing to sign off on them. Also, consider the following financial facts:

  • Any assets that you acquire or increase in income that you experience during what you consider to be a legal separation remains marital property that must be divided equitably upon divorce.

  • Conversely, if your spouse uses this period of separation to accrue considerable debt, that, too, is marital property that directly affects you.

Two: There Are No Quickie Divorces

If you are planning on jumping into what many people think of as a quickie divorce, it is not going to happen in the State of Texas. There is a mandatory waiting period of 60 days from the date of filing before your divorce can be finalized. An important note to make here is that the terms of your divorce will directly affect your financial and parental rights, which means that a divorce is not something that you should jump into in the first place. The better course of action is to methodically negotiate terms that protect your rights and that work for you and your children.

Three: A DIY Divorce Is Unlikely to Serve Your Best Interests

While you may be tempted to pursue a do-it-yourself divorce, you are well-advised to reconsider. The terms of your divorce are so consequential that even a minor slip on your part can have lasting effects, and because this is not your area of expertise, you are exceptionally susceptible to making rookie mistakes. Having a dedicated divorce attorney in your corner can save you a considerable amount of money and upset in the long run.

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