Seniors Face Their Own Unique Divorce Challenges

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While no one is particularly surprised when a high school couple marries and divorces a year or two later, it can be shocking when a couple who has been married for many years and are quickly approaching retirement – or are already there – do the same. In fact, when seniors divorce, which is becoming less and less the exception, they face their own unique challenges that need to be addressed head on. If you are facing what has come to be called a gray divorce, it is time to reach out to an experienced Harker Heights divorce attorney.

The Social Stigma Attached

If you are older, you may put more stock in what other people think regarding divorce than the younger crowd does. As mentioned, no one is particularly startled when a younger couple calls it quits, but your children, friends, and family members may be very surprised – or even upset – to learn that you are divorcing. This can motivate some seniors to remain in unhappy marriages. The fact is, however, that gray divorce is becoming more and more common and doing what feels right for you is always in your best interest.

Concerns about Health

If the pandemic has taught us anything – and here is hoping that it has – it is that our health is precious and that we will do what it takes to protect this precious commodity. If you are a senior who is contemplating divorce, the thought of not having a partner as you move forward toward potentially more challenging health concerns can be enough to put the kibosh on divorce. Another way to look at it, though, is that you have a lot of living left to do, and staying in a bad marriage is no way to honor your health and vitality.

Financial Concerns

Perhaps some of the primary reasons that seniors balk at divorce as an answer to a marriage that is no longer working are financial concerns. If you spent your marriage raising the kids, taking care of your home, and supporting your spouse’s career, which was far more common in years gone by, what are you supposed to do now to support yourself? The fact is that the law takes this into consideration, and the following can help:

  • Your marital assets, which amount to all those properties you acquired over the many years of your marriage, will need to be divided fairly in the event of a divorce, and the court will factor in your contributions.

  • Your spouse’s retirement accounts are marital property (or at least that portion that accumulated during your marriage is), which means that you will be allocated your fair share.

  • Alimony is designed to help you cope with a financial disparity wrought by divorce, and it is far more common after lengthy marriages.

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