4 Mistakes that Can Sabotage Your Child Custody Case

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If you are facing a child custody case, it is very likely a battle – and because it involves your children, the stakes are extremely high. When it comes to child custody, emotions tend to run exceptionally high, and your emotions can trip you up in the process. As such, knowing the 4 mistakes that are most likely to sabotage your child custody case can help. If you are facing a child custody case, turn to the professional legal counsel of an experienced Lampasas County divorce attorney for the help you need.

One: Not Having a Reason for Your Request

It is all well and good that you would like to become the primary custodial parent, but the court is looking for a solid reason why you are doing so and how it is in your children’s best interests. For example, if you explain that you have modified your career in order to fill the primary parenting role in your family, the court may find your reasoning compelling.

Two: Failing to Coordinate the Logistic of Your Arrangements

Whatever your child custody priorities are, it is important to recognize that you and your ex are going to be sharing time with your children – unless the court has a very serious reason for cutting your ex out of the child custody equation – and this means that you are going to have to coordinate drop-offs and pickups. Do not let your haste to obtain the terms you seek cloud your ability to recognize that the logistics involved are not sustainable.

Three: Fighting for Points You Have No Chance of Winning

There are some points you are simply not going to win with the court, and you shouldn’t waste your energy or your legal dollars on them. For example, you’re extremely unlikely to become the primary custodial parent if you have been the one who:

  • Works long, grueling hours

  • Spends a good deal of time out of town for work

  • Rarely participates in your children’s extracurriculars

  • Is rarely home when your children are awake

Regardless of how competitive you are, this is a fight you cannot win, and you should take your gloves off.

Four: Failing to Play the Long Game

Child custody cases are intricate legal matters that can take a considerable amount of time. While it is important to go in well prepared – and with a dedicated divorce attorney in your corner – it is also important to recognize that your case is likely to take some time. Preparing yourself for the journey ahead can help ensure that you do not burn out along the way and give up in frustration.

An Experienced Lampasas County Divorce Attorney Can Help

Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Lampasas County, Texas, is a trusted divorce attorney who is well prepared to employ his considerable experience in pursuit of your child custody case’s best possible conclusion. To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 today.


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