How a Texas Criminal Record Can Derail Your Life

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Being convicted of a crime in the State of Texas is a big deal – even if the charge is a misdemeanor. The fact is that your criminal record is a matter of public record, which means that, if you have a conviction, it is out there for anyone to look up – and use against you. Better understanding what this all means can leave you better prepared to fight for your rights and your future.

Texas Legislation

Many states across the nation are in the process – or have already accomplished the task – of banning authorities from using the fact of a felony conviction as a factor in employment decisions, but Texas – as you might have guessed – is not one of these states. Having a felony on your record can significantly affect your ability to move forward in life in very important ways.

A Criminal Record Can Leave You Disqualified for Certain Jobs

The State of Texas has very specific laws on its books that automatically disqualify you from even applying for certain categories of employment, if you have a felony on your record, including:

  • Education
  • First response or emergency medical care
  • Law enforcement
  • Retail sales that involve alcohol or tobacco

If the felony on your record is a sex offense, the restrictions you face are even more serious.

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Employers Often Opt for Other Applicants

Even if the felony on your record does not deny you the ability to apply for a job, employers have the right to look at applicants’ criminal records, and they often choose those who have clean records. If someone with a clean record is competing for the same position that you are – even if your conviction is years in the past – that conviction could be the deciding factor.

Your Plans for Furthering Your Education

If you have plans for opening up your job opportunities by furthering your education, these plans can be thwarted by a criminal conviction. Obtaining a federal student loan may not be possible with a conviction on your record, and your ability to get into the college of your choice or to live on campus can be similarly dashed. Further, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, obtaining a business loan can be extremely tricky if you have a criminal conviction hanging over you.

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To Top Things Off

Just to make things more difficult, a criminal conviction can also affect your ability to do the following:

  • Rent a house or apartment
  • Own a firearm (if the conviction is a felony)
  • Hold public office or sit on a jury (if the conviction is a felony)
  • Serve as personal representative of a loved one’s estate (if the conviction is a felony)

Do Not Wait to Consult with an Experienced Attorney

Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard – proudly serving Killeen, Texas – is a savvy criminal defense attorney who can help you explore your options regarding your criminal record. Some convictions (in some circumstances) can be expunged. To learn more, please contact or call us at 254-501-4040 today.


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