Your Custody Battle: Several Things You Should Not Do

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If you are going through a divorce that involves a custody battle, you are going through the most difficult element of an already difficult process. Custody battles are never easy, and the stakes are so high that you simply cannot leave anything to chance in the matter. Every custody situation is completely unique to its own circumstances, which means there are no hard and fast rules to guide you. There are, however, several things you should never do when you are facing a custody battle.

Do Not Venture into Contempt of Court Territory

When you are proceeding through the divorce process, it is very likely that you have temporary child custody arrangements in place that dictate when your children are with you and when and where you pick them up and drop them off. Take these temporary arrangements very seriously and adhere to them as closely as you can. This includes:

  • Being there to pick your children up when and where you are supposed to do so
  • Making every possible attempt never to be late or to miss a pickup or dropoff – if you must alter the arrangements, let your spouse know as soon as you can
  • Being on time, well prepared, and appropriately turned out for all your divorce court dates (Click here to read more about divorce and court etiquette)

Not to adhere to the temporary arrangements could leave you in contempt of court, which will obviously not work in your favor in the course of your custody battle. (Read more about divorce and temporary orders: Obtaining Temporary Orders in a Texas Divorce)

Do Not Air Your Frustrations about Your Spouse to Your Children

Sharing adult concerns with children is never a good idea, but when it comes to your divorce, not sharing said information takes on even greater importance. You want to do everything you can to protect your children – especially during this very difficult time. The fact is that sharing your frustrations about your spouse and how he or she is interrupting your ability to spend as much time with your kids as you would like is simply not a good idea – not for your kids and not for your case. If the information makes it back to court (via your ex), it can reflect badly on your custody argument. Courts frown upon any efforts to turn one’s children against their other parent. (Click here to read more about helping your children through divorce)

Do Not Drop Out

If your interim visitation schedule with your children is disappointing, do not let it get you down. Some parents find it so painful that they basically go missing in an effort to avoid the pain involved in seeing their children far less than they would like. This tactic – while it may provide a bit of temporary relief – is not good for you, your kids, or your case. Use this opportunity to show the court exactly how seriously you take spending time with your children, and just how committed you are to doing so. This can go a long way toward making your child custody case to the court.

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