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Postnuptial Agreements in Texas

The Basics of a Texas Postnuptial Agreement

We are all familiar with the idea of prenuptial agreements, but postnuptial agreements do not get as much attention. Both agreements are legal contracts that address how a couple’s property will be divided in the event of divorce or upon the death of one spouse. While a prenuptial agreement, as the name implies, is entered into upon marriage, a postnuptial agreement is executed while the couple is married.

The fact is that as the years go by, marriages evolve, and even if you have a valid prenuptial agreement, it may not continue to adequately address the issues that may arise in the future. A postnuptial agreement allows you, as a couple, to address your concerns about the division of your marital property in light of your evolving marriage. An experienced Central Texas divorce attorney will help you explore whether a postnuptial agreement is a good fit for you.

A Second Marriage

If your marriage is a second marriage, and either one (or both) of you came into the relationship with children, a postnuptial agreement can be an excellent tool for delineating not only how marital assets will be divided upon divorce but also how inheritances will be assigned in the event of death. A postnuptial agreement can also help ensure that a surviving spouse will maintain financial security in the interim between his or her spouse’s death and that spouse’s children’s inheritances.

Unequal Earning

Sometimes, one spouse earns significantly more than the other throughout the course of a marriage, and that spouse may be interested in securing a larger percentage of marital assets if the marriage ends in divorce. On the other hand, if a lower earning spouse walked away from his or her own lucrative career – or pursued a less demanding career – for the sake of the family, that spouse may be motivated to protect his or her financial future via a postnuptial agreement.

Financial Setbacks

If one marriage partner has accrued considerable debt unbeknownst to the other, it can loom as a financial threat to the marriage. A postnuptial agreement can help a couple move forward by establishing how this debt will be divided if the marriage ends in divorce. This can allow the unwitting spouse a greater sense of security moving forward.

If You Have Questions about Postnuptial Agreements, Consult with an Experienced Central Texas Divorce Attorney Today

A postnuptial agreement can be a useful legal tool – especially for second marriages with children from prior marriages. As marriages evolve, they often become more and more financially complicated, and a postnuptial agreement can help sort out these complications. Do not think of a postnuptial agreement as a sign that your marriage is weak but as a symbol that you are both committed to attending to important financial details together. The dedicated divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Central Texas have the experience, skill, and knowledge to help you create a postnuptial agreement that works for you. We are here to help, so please contact or call us at 254-501-4040 today.