Are You Being Manipulated by Divorce Delay Tactics?

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Even the friendliest divorces are emotionally draining and difficult. A Divorce is not only the dissolution of a legal contract but is also the end of an important relationship, and the outcome of your divorce will shape your future. If your divorcing spouse is engaging in delay tactics, it makes the matter that much more difficult – and without careful legal attention, can actually leave you at a distinct disadvantage. 

How Delay Tactics Can Be Harmful

You are pursuing a divorce for a reason, and the divorce process itself is complicated and lengthy enough – without purposefully extending it. The longer your divorce drags on (for no good reason), the more difficulties you are likely to face. Consider the following:

  • The longer your divorce takes, the more it is likely to cost. (Read more on controlling the cost of your divorce)

  • Divorce is hard on children, and the longer it takes – and the more contentious it becomes – the more difficult it is likely to be for your children. (Related: Helping Your Children Overcome Divorce: The Grief Cycle)

  • As your divorce drags on, the more likely it is that you will be tempted to give in and allow your divorcing spouse terms that disadvantage you (out of sheer desperation). 

  • As your divorce is pending, you will be living in a kind of limbo in which your finances remain intertwined – and you are not free to dive headlong into your post-divorce future. (Read more: What Happens While My Divorce Is Pending?)

While rushing a divorce is never advised, if your spouse is delaying your divorce for his or her own purposes, it is a problem. 

Delay Tactics: The Telltale Signs

There are many, many ways to delay a divorce, and if your soon-to-be ex wants to get creative, his or her tactics may become more and more outlandish. The basic telltale signs, however, remain the same.

Rescheduling Meetings Constantly 

Everyone is busy, and once you get a meeting, deposition, or court date on the books, it's usually a relief. If your spouse comes up with excuses for constant reschedules, he or she is managing to inconvenience a lot of people and is tipping the power balance in his or her own favor. Don’t fall for this ruse. 

Not Signing Documents 

You have hammered out some terms or come to an agreement that will help guide the process forward, which feels like progress, but if your spouse refuses (or simply never gets around) to signing the documents, you really have not gotten anywhere. 

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Firing Lawyers

Everyone understands that if you change lawyers midstream in your divorce that it is going to take a minute to get up to speed. If your divorcing spouse, however, makes a sport of it, it is very likely a delay strategy.  (Why You Need an Experienced Divorce Lawyer on Your Side)

Seek the Professional Legal Counsel of an Experienced Killeen Divorce Attorney 

Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard – proudly serving Killeen, Texas – is a well-respected divorce attorney who knows how to cut through your divorcing spouse's delays and skillfully fight for your rights. To learn more, please do not wait to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 today.


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