Changing Lawyers in the Middle of a Family Law Case

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Facing a family law case is a serious matter, and having skilled legal guidance in your corner is always advised. If you have already hired a family law attorney but don’t believe that your rights are being well protected, do not feel heard, or feel like your case is lost in the shuffle, you have the right to switch lawyers in the middle of your case.

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Common Family Law Cases

Family law is a broad and important branch of the law that addresses cases that directly affect families. Family law cases can involve any of the following issues:

  • Divorce

  • The terms of divorce, such as property division, child support, child custody arrangements, and alimony

  • Adoption and guardianship

  • Emancipation

  • Common law marriages

No matter what kind of family law case you are facing, your case represents an important aspect of your life. If your legal representation doesn’t inspire your confidence or bolster your peace of mind during your case, it may be time to change lawyers.

Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney for You

Whether you’re just getting started with choosing a Pflugerville family law attorney or are changing lawyers in the middle of a case, there are a range of factors you should consider in the process:

  • You need an attorney who has a significant amount of experience guiding challenging family law cases toward advantageous outcomes. An attorney who picks up a family law case here and there is unlikely to meet your needs.

  • Good family law attorneys are good listeners who are also empathetic and compassionate. You’re going through a difficult experience, and the right family lawyer for you won’t lose sight of this fact.

  • You’re looking for a family law attorney who has the necessary time, resources, and drive to pour into your case. If you’re bounced from attorney to attorney in the firm or if your case has been back-burnered, it may be time to start looking for a new attorney.

  • Your attorney should connect with you and make you feel heard. Family law cases are intensely personal, and if you’re not comfortable opening up to your legal representation, it’s a bad sign.

  • You want an attorney who takes the time necessary to ensure that you understand the legal intricacies of your case, prepare for whatever comes next, avoid common mistakes, and make the right choices for you along the way. If your lawyer isn’t hitting these marks, keep looking.

  • If your attorney doesn’t fiercely advocate for your rights, you need someone who will.

You’re not looking for perfection, but you are looking for a legal advocate who has the experience and skill to effectively and efficiently handle your case, who works well with you, who respects your input, who is there when you need help, and who has the time and energy your case requires. If you aren’t getting this from your current attorney, you should look elsewhere.

A Note about Cost and Time

Switching lawyers in the middle of a case may increase the overall legal cost of the case and may increase the amount of time it takes to resolve the matter. However, the issue involved in your case is too important to leave to chance.

It’s also important to recognize that when you’re working with a skilled family law attorney who is a good fit for you, you can count on your case moving forward with your rights intact.

In other words, changing lawyers in the middle of a case can be financially prudent as an alternative to continuing to work with an attorney who isn’t effectively championing your rights and who is slowing down your progress. An ineffective lawyer can prove far more costly in the end.

Signs that It May Be Time to Make a Change

You signed on with a family law attorney, and you may feel uncomfortable dropping them at this juncture. The important point to keep in mind is that the outcome of your case is paramount, and that’s where your concern should be focused. It isn’t advisable to swap out attorneys on a whim, but if any of the following situations sound familiar, it’s time to consider changing course:

  • Your attorney doesn’t get back to you, and you feel all alone.

  • You don’t work primarily with one attorney.

  • You often find yourself working with a paralegal or legal assistant – rather than with the family law attorney you signed off on.

  • You haven’t seen any progress in your case, or your attorney doesn’t keep you abreast of movement in your case.

  • Your attorney makes promises they don’t keep or doesn’t meet the expectations they encourage you to count on.

  • Your attorney doesn’t take your concerns seriously, or they treat you like a child. The outcome of your case will directly affect your future, and your priorities shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Your attorney is unreliable, unprofessional, or both. Showing up late for appointments or court appearances is not a good sign.

Finally, if you don’t trust your attorney, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Trust is the foundation of every attorney-client relationship, and without it, you’re not well represented. If something about your family law attorney feels off and you don’t completely trust them, it’s time to listen to that inner voice.

How to Change Lawyers in the Middle of a Case

Many people wonder how to change lawyers in a case, and if you’re feeling uneasy about it, you’re not alone. You need to focus on doing what’s right for you and your case, and if that means finding a new Pflugerville family law attorney, then that’s the right course of action.

Lawyers are professionals who are responsible for providing their clients with skilled representation, and when they fall short, they should expect to be replaced. Your concern is resolving your case as favorably as possible, and if you’ve decided that you need a different family law attorney to get the job done, you have two options.

Telling the Attorney or Firm Yourself

You can tell your family law attorney about your decision to change lawyers yourself, or you can let the firm know directly. By taking this action, you can organize the transfer of your records to your new attorney. If you’d prefer to avoid this or find it too confrontational, that’s fine – make it easier on yourself by asking your new attorney to address this for you.

If you do feel compelled to let your attorney know in person, just keep in mind that it’s the right business decision for you and is not a personal indictment of the attorney.

Having Your New Attorney Make the Switch

Many clients find that it’s easier to have their new attorney inform their original attorney about the switch they’re making. This method can make for a smoother transition of records and documents and takes a bit of pressure off of you.

Points to Keep in Mind

If you do change attorneys, it’s important that your original attorney be informed in writing, which may accompany a phone call. Written notification ensures that the matter is documented, which can help ensure that issues don’t arise.

It’s also important to review the contract you entered with your original attorney. Pay attention to any provisions about termination. Your new attorney will go over the contract with you to help you better understand any obligations on your part. While you have the absolute right to terminate an attorney-client relationship at any time, you must pay for the legal services you’ve already received.

While changing attorneys midstream does involve some additional steps and may set you back a bit in terms of both time and expense, the end result can more than make up for the inconvenience.

FAQ about Changing Lawyers

If you’re wondering whether you can switch lawyers in the middle of a case, you’re at a crossroads, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from others in your situation can help.

Can I Change Lawyers during a Case?

You can change lawyers during a family law case, and the decision is entirely yours to make. If the original attorney you hired isn’t working out for one reason or another and you’ve considered the matter carefully, changing lawyers may be the way to go.

While it’s not a great idea to continue changing lawyers until you land on one who is right for you, doing your homework upfront and finding a good fit before you make the switch can pay off in the end.

I Chose this Lawyer. Shouldn’t I Stick with Them?

You and your family law attorney have a professional relationship, and if they’re not living up to their contractual end of things, it can lead to negative consequences for you. If you had a doctor or contractor who wasn’t doing a good job, you wouldn’t hesitate to keep looking, and taking the same approach with your family law attorney is advised.

When it comes to professional relationships, you’re looking for balance. First and foremost, you need skilled legal guidance and focused commitment to your case. If this is where you’re at with your family law attorney, switching is not in your best interest. If, on the other hand, your attorney isn’t hitting these marks, it’s time to renew your search for a Pflugerville family lawyer.

Will It Cost a Lot More to Change Lawyers?

Changing family law attorneys in the middle of your case can end up costing you more than simply sticking with your original attorney, but this isn’t always the case.

The most important concern when it comes to the family law matter you’re facing is its resolution, and if switching attorneys affects the outcome of your case, that uptick in expense may be well worth the cost. Further, skilled family law attorneys are efficient at what they do, which means that making the shift won’t necessarily require an increase in your legal budget.

How Will I Know When I’ve Found the Right Lawyer for Me?

If you’re in the market for a new family law attorney, you have a very good idea about what isn’t working for you. Consider what makes your current attorney less than ideal and allow that to be your guide. When you find a legal professional who meets all the following basic requirements, you’ll know that you’re moving in the right direction:

  • They listen to your concerns.

  • They are transparent about the legal process, about who you will be working with, and about their availability.

  • They have an impressive array of experience guiding cases like yours toward beneficial outcomes.

  • You are comfortable sharing personal information with them.

  • They inspire your confidence and a sense of trust.

  • They help you better understand the strengths and challenges of your case and are committed to helping you strategize the best path forward.

Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced Pflugerville, Texas, Family Law Attorney

If you are wondering whether you can switch lawyers in the middle of a case, it’s a good sign that you need to make a change. Having the right family law attorney can play a pivotal role in the outcome of your case, which makes taking the matter seriously well advised.

Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard – proudly serving Pflugerville, Texas – is a compassionate family law attorney who takes the time to get to know his clients in order to serve their unique legal needs better. Our trusted legal team is here to help and encourages you to reach out and contact us online or call us at (254) 781-4222 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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