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Divorce is never an easy decision, and every case is unique. If you are seeking a divorce, you may feel uncertain and overwhelmed by the filing process and how divorce will affect your family. That’s why our team works hard to help alleviate the legal uncertainty of your divorce. With over two decades of experience, we are prepared to guide you through every step of the legal process.

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Types of Divorce

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Divorce cases can fall into one of two categories: contested and uncontested. Depending on your case type, you may not need to go to court. Many divorces are settled out of court with the help of an attorney.

An uncontested divorce usually refers to a situation where both parties can agree on decisions concerning property division, child custody/visitation, and alimony. These cases typically cost less and take a shorter period of time to resolve. Uncontested divorces are more private and, in general, the best option for most divorces.

However, an uncontested divorce is not the best option for difficult or risky situations involving high assets, major disagreements, abuse and/or violence. Individuals in a situation like this need an advocate who can help them protect their best interests in a contested divorce.

Divorce cases can also be contested when the parties disagree over child support or business ownership. Some divorces involve one or more spouses with a high net worth. These cases often go to court to ensure proper division of assets. A divorce can be contested for any one of these reasons, which is why it’s important to consult an attorney with experience navigating difficult divorce cases.

Whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, it is important to have legal representation. A lawyer can help you determine the most optimal strategy for moving forward.

Requirements for Divorce in Texas

Every state has specific guidelines for divorce proceedings. In some states, there needs to be a reason for the divorce, like infidelity. In Texas, however, you do not need a reason to file divorce aside from insupportability. This is called a no-fault divorce.

There are specific requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for divorce:

  • At least one spouse must be a resident of the state for six or more months.
  • Either spouse must be in the country for at least 90 days before filing.
  • The marriage is insupportable and cannot continue.

In general, the divorce process in Copperas Cove is straightforward. You can get your divorce forms from the court clerk or download the necessary documents here. Once you have completed the forms, you can file them virtually or with the district court. Filing fees cost about $268, not including other potential costs. After paying the filing fee, you should have a copy of the divorce papers served to your spouse.

If your divorce is uncontested, you may not need to go to court except to have the judge sign your Final Decree of Divorce. Contested divorces do require court appearances, which can be scheduled through the court clerk.

Helping You Beyond the First Step

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, our attorneys have the knowledge you need to reach a resolution. We have represented clients in divorce cases for over two decades, and we have a track record of success. Our hands-on approach allows us to work with you to reach a solution that secures your best interests as you work toward creating a new future for yourself and your family.

Please contact our compassionate Copperas Cove divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

  • Brett H. Pritchard Photo
    Brett H. Pritchard
    Attorney At Law
    Our lead lawyer, Brett H. Pritchard, is a graduate from Brigham Young University and Texas Tech University. Earning an exemplary reputation as an aggressive and formidable trial lawyer, Attorney Pritchard is ultimately passionate about protecting his clients' rights.
  • Brent T. Sykora Photo
    Brent T. Sykora
    Attorney At Law
    Attorney Brent T. Sykora has a wealth of experience in the legal realm, stemming firstly from his First Chair litigation experience in both federal and state courts, administrative hearings, and ADR proceedings.
  • Danah  Woods Photo
    Danah Woods
    Attorney At Law
    Danah Woods has a broad range of state and federal civil litigation experience including trial, discovery, and mediation and has practiced throughout the State of Texas. Danah began her career working in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster and ...
  • Darmeisha  Slay Photo
    Darmeisha Slay
    Attorney At Law
    After graduating from St. Mary’s University, she practiced as a Paralegal at the Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard until her acceptance into the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas. While at TMSL, Darmeisha was accepted to practice in the pro bono Family Law Clinic where she represented indigent clients in uncontested and contested divorces.
  • Jeff  Linick Photo
    Jeff Linick
    Attorney At Law
    With a background in business and finance prior to going to law school, Mr. Linick worked for several years in the insurance industry with USAA, a company closely associated with the armed services.
  • N.J.  Gaunt Photo
    N.J. Gaunt
    Senior Litigator
    Nicholas J. Gaunt has been licensed as an attorney and mediator in Texas since 2009. He has practiced family law and criminal defense extensively in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, & Milam, as well as Collin, Dallas, Denton, Travis, and Bexar County.
  • Andersch  Etienne Photo
    Andersch Etienne
    Attorney At Law
    Andersch H. Etienne has lived most of his life in Florida. He obtained his Associate of Arts from Indian River State College with a major in Criminal Justice and, after graduating, interned with the 19th District Public Defender’s office for the summer. ...
  • Timothy V. Daniel Photo
    Timothy V. Daniel
    Attorney At Law
    LEGAL EXPERIENCE Tim is a native central Texan, graduating high school in Milam County. During law school, he interned for the Combined Law Enforcement Assocation of Texas and for Crime Stoppers International. After law school, Tim clerked for the ...
  • Tyler  Stara Photo
    Tyler Stara
    Attorney At Law
    LEGAL EXPERIENCE Born and raised in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Tyler graduated from nursing school in 2014 from Northern Oklahoma College and attained his bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2015 from Oklahoma City University. Tyler later returned to Oklahoma City ...
  • Quincy  Hall Photo
    Quincy Hall
    Attorney At Law
    Born in El Paso, Texas, Quincy Sterling Hall knew from a young age what it meant to be efficient, effective, and exceptional. As the son of a retired First Sergeant father and professional Health Care Liaison mother, the values and aptitude instilled in ...

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