Divorce: Contested, Uncontested, and Collaborative

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While no divorce is easy, some divorces are less stressful, less expensive, and less time consuming than others. Further, no two divorces are exactly alike because every divorce is as unique as the two individuals involved. Nevertheless, understanding the basic types of divorce available in Texas can help you better understand your options and move forward with confidence.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is a divorce in which the parties do not agree to the terms of the divorce. This does not mean that one spouse is necessarily fighting the divorce itself, but that one of you has an issue with some component of the divorce, which can include:

Basically, any issue upon which you must come to an agreement in the course of your divorce can be the impetus for a contested divorce. Typically, such issues are resolved during a settlement conference, but if they are not, the court will make the necessary decisions on your behalves. A contested divorce is generally the most expensive, most time-consuming, and most emotionally fraught divorce option, but there are instances when a contested divorce is in your best interests – an experienced Killeen divorce attorney will help you make this determination.

Uncontested Divorce

When you and your divorcing spouse are able to hammer out the details of your divorce between yourselves – or with the help of your respective attorneys – it is an uncontested divorce, which is obviously the least expensive, least time consuming, and least emotionally challenging divorce route. While an uncontested divorce is a great option, it is imperative that you know and protect your rights throughout the divorce process. Sometimes, an uncontested divorce can quickly morph into a contentious contested divorce. Finally, just because your spouse is cooperating with you in hammering out the divorce details does not mean that he or she is above hiding assets or important information from you – consult with an experienced divorce attorney.

Collaborative Divorce

As the name implies, a collaborative divorce refers to a divorce in which you and your divorcing spouse work with the same professional team to collaborate on divorce terms that work for both of you. This can include sharing a divorce attorney, parenting specialists, financial planners, and more. A collaborative divorce offers an opportunity to work together to find common ground while saving time, money, and – often – heartache. A collaborative divorce is an especially good option when children are involved.

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