Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Divorce

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Obtaining a divorce is a stressful process that can also become exceptionally expensive if it veers off course and morphs into a highly contentious battle. Even, however, if your divorce is reasonably civil, there are some hidden costs that you can carefully avoid – and save yourself some money in the process.

Not Taking the Time to Hire the Right Divorce Attorney

Divorce is not just a complicated legal process but is also a difficult emotional process. This means that it is important to find an experienced divorce attorney who is also a good fit for you, which can mean different things to different people, but the basics include:

  • An attorney with whom you are comfortable sharing personal information
  • An attorney whom you trust
  • An attorney who is available to you via phone, email, or in-person when you need him or her
  • An attorney who explains the legal process to you in a manner that you understand
  • An attorney who focuses on your divorce priorities

Hiring the wrong attorney and changing course midway through your divorce can be an expensive mistake, and sticking with a divorce attorney who is not a good fit can be even worse. (Read more: Minimizing Your Attorney Fees in a Texas Divorce)

Attempting to Represent Yourself

Even if you and your divorcing spouse are the poster couple for an amicable divorce, representing yourself is ill-advised and can ultimately prove expensive. Your divorce terms will directly affect your post-divorce financials, and there can be serious tax implications and other effects that are difficult to predict without the professional legal counsel of an experienced divorce attorney on your side. (Learn how to keep your divorce civil)

Focusing on Principles Rather than Facts

Divorce is an emotional process, but allowing your emotions to guide your divorce terms is likely to prove expensive. Your divorce negotiations should focus on the facts as they relate to the circumstances involved. Allowing your emotions to intervene can lead to very costly negotiations that could ultimately drive you to court, which is generally the most expensive option. (Negotiating Tips for Obtaining a Favorable Divorce Settlement)

Refusing to Compromise

You are going to come out on the other side of your divorce with terms that are very likely to represent a compromise between you and your ex's preferences (whether you negotiate them between yourselves or the court makes your decisions for you). The most efficient and effective way to approach your negotiations, therefore, is in the spirit of compromise. This does not mean caving in to your divorcing spouse’s demands but, instead, means setting your priorities and compromising accordingly, which can lead to considerable savings and to divorce terms that work for you. (Reaching a Divorce Settlement with a Difficult Spouse)

You Need the Professional legal Counsel of an Experienced Killeen Divorce Attorney on Your Side

Divorce is never easy, but Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, is a compassionate divorce attorney who can help. Your case is important, so please do not wait to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 for more information about what we can do to help you today.


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